Asia Airlines Tianhong Residential Video Surveillance Program Solutions (figure) – Video

Asia Airlines Tianhong Household Movie Surveillance Program Options (figure) – Video
Modern times, with Asia’s fast economic development, urban and rural residents the conventional of living has enhanced significantly, especially in metropolitan living conditions tend to be enhancing, men and women in resolving the housing problem, the more worried about whether living safety folks in buy, the security is examine perhaps the degree of noise property management is an important condition. Specifically those itinerant criminal criminal activity particles, often selected domestic part of the attack, burglary, robbery, murder situations frequently happen, the previous report by district-based safety to municipal air security avoidance Measures cannot fulfill individuals demands. Usage of safety technology for safety and avoidance to start with a type of deterrent effect on crooks, so that it cannot easily commit crimes. Including the region’s security system, door and window switches Alarm find enough time and place of committing the crime of crooks, such that it can’t quickly arms.

1, Intelligent Community Video Surveillance Program

Intelligent video surveillance system is a fundamental piece of the story, the main plot associated with important import and export collection, each product home Parking lot Import and export, and differing public places also crucial aspects of movie surveillance photos, in order for region workers available within the realtime keeping track of the situation throughout the region on-site; and capable manage each video photos, real-time record and playback video clip file retrieval, administration center through system remote tracking and control.

Digital video surveillance system, through illumination color Video camera Collected on-site scenario, the image signal sent because of the video transmission cable to the DVR protection center. Digital video surveillance system has its own functions, and users can meet with the needs associated with the scene.

Residential video surveillance methods used equipment is: TOYA SAV9000TH Embedded Network Video tracking number, TOYA-600V high-definition color to black camera, TOYA-S809TH Intelligent continual speed dome digital camera composition.

Intelligent Community Movie Monitoring Program features:

System can be right attached to 16 real-time video clip surveillance pictures, tracking, recording, playback all real time, 25 frames per second each way;

A variety of video mode: time recording (based on various schedules, the date set different work), video, cellular alarm recording, typical movie, three kinds of movie mode

Multi-task: tracking, recording, playback, remote transmission can be at the same time, remote / on-site monitoring;

Program immediately switches the image is recycled, changing time adjustable; video clip files with flexible amount of time;

Simple to start / hide the camera, several password-protected;

Program wood and community logs, clearly records the operating-system individual on system occasions and system login client login user title and time;

Unique digital chart, when the security is triggered immediately pop-up caution digital map, fabric / disarm is set to various time periods and may be fortified;

Address rule modifications usually do not replace the decoder address code, just replace the digital camera station number, baud rate flexible;

Lock display function, just authorized users can simply run on the system to avoid unauthorized people to use and excellent to ensure the normal operation of system;

In monitoring the same time frame, without having any increase in line because of the current computer system system, the entire usage of resources. Any authorized client may whenever you want to monitor and record movie pictures of most control things;

Rights administration system with private network are divided in to multi-level management expert. Senior liberties officer, are straight through remote computer handheld remote control to modify various show result, PTZ surveillance viewpoint, telescopic lens, concentrating as well as other functions;

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